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Polyethylene skatepark - Maków Podhalański


Polyethylene skatepark - Maków Podhalański

Адреса: Grzechyńska

Скејтпарк опција: polyethylene

Димензии на скејтпарк: 435 m2

Површина на скејтпарк: beton

Technology: polietylen

Тип на скејтпарк: skatepark polietylenowy

Year: 2023

Елементи на скејтпарк: Roll-in + BankRamp, Jumpbox, Funbox z grindboxem, Ouater Pipe + Mini Quater, Grindbox, Poręcz prosta,

The first standout feature of the skatepark in Maków Podhalański is the impressive Roll-in and BankRamp, which provide a dynamic start to the descent while allowing a smooth transition to the flat surface. Right next to it is the Jumpbox, which allows for spectacular jumps. The skatepark in Maków Podhalański can't miss the Funbox with Grindbox, which gives the opportunity to combine different techniques in one place. Quater Pipe and Mini Quater are other attractions that provide additional adrenaline. Grindbox, located at the skatepark, is a place created especially for lovers of grinding on handrails. The straight railing is another element that adds variety to the skatepark, allowing precise maneuvers and experimentation with different riding styles. The 435-square-meter skatepark is made of modern polyethylene, making it durable, weatherproof and safe for all users. This is the first such Techramps skatepark in the area, which emphasizes the modernity and innovation of the place. In addition to the skatepark are the Pumptrack and Flowpark, which create a comprehensive recreational place.

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