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A skatepark is being built in Minsk Mazowiecki.


A skatepark is being built in Minsk Mazowiecki.

Адреса: Budowlana 4

Скејтпарк опција: Concrete

Димензии на скејтпарк: 2119 m2

Површина на скејтпарк: Concrete

Technology: betonowa

Тип на скејтпарк: skatepark betonowy

Year: 2024

A large sports complex is being built in Minsk Mazowiecki! Work on the site is underway, the facility will be ready for use as early as autumn 2024. In the coming year, residents and extreme sports enthusiasts will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique sports development, including a skatepark, pumptrack, parkour park, lighting and small architecture. Contractors are working at top speed to deliver the facility to residents. The skatepark project will occupy an area of 2119 m² and aims to create a place where urban sports enthusiasts can develop their skills, spend time actively and integrate with the urban sports community. Thanks to the advanced solutions of the project's authors, this skatepark will be an attractive place for lovers of all urban sports. The plan includes not only an expanded route for riders of the following sections: skateboard, scooter, BMX and rollerblading , but also a pumptrack for improving skills on a bicycle. In addition, there will be a parkour park from Flowparks, to provide supporters of this area with unique places to train and challenge themselves to overcome obstacles built into the urban architecture. Illumination of the facility will also allow the sports infrastructure to be used after dark, which will certainly contribute to the popularity of the site. Small architecture, including benches and resting areas, will provide comfort for all users. The project is scheduled for completion in 2024, which is already generating great interest among the Minsk Mazowiecki community. The facility will be built at 4 Budowalna Street, next to the entrance from Jasna Street. The author of the project is Slo Concept - a brand operating on the Polish and European market since 2003, specializing in the design and construction of skateparks and other sports and recreational facilities. Parkour Park will be made by Flowparks, a leader in the Polish Street Workout and Parkour industry.

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