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Modular skatepark - Trzemeszno


Modular skatepark - Trzemeszno

Адреса: Park Baba, ul. Orchowska

Скејтпарк опција: wood

Димензии на скејтпарк: 375 m2

Површина на скејтпарк: beton

Technology: modułowa

Тип на скејтпарк: skatepark modułowy

Year: 2023

Елементи на скејтпарк: Funbox with grindbox + handrail, Bank Ramp, Grindbox 1 + Grindobox 2, Straight handrail

The skatepark at the Baba Park side field in Trzemeszno is a place that provides great fun and the opportunity to improve riding skills. This skatepark is equipped with a variety of elements that allow you to perform various tricks.

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