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Acropolis Skatepark (Athens)


Acropolis Skatepark (Athens)

Адреса: Akropolis Skatepark, Ateny

Скејтпарк опција: wood

Димензии на скејтпарк: 452 m2

Површина на скејтпарк: beton

Technology: modułowa

Тип на скејтпарк: skatepark modułowy

Year: 2023

Елементи на скејтпарк: Bowl + Quater Pipe, Quater Pipe, Straight Rail

The Acropolis Skatepark in Athens, Greece, is a unique place on the map of Greek skateboard culture. The skatepark includes the spectacular Bowl, which is the centerpiece of the park. This deep, winding pit allows you to perform a variety of tricks. Next to it is the impressive Quater Pipe, which provides additional space for skaters who want to perform jumps. In addition, the skatepark offers another Quater Pipe. This feature makes the Acropolis Skatepark a friendly place for different levels of skaters. The skatepark also features a Straight Rail, ideal for those who want to hone their railing skills.

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