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Modular skatepark - Zawiercie


Modular skatepark - Zawiercie

Адреса: ul. 11 listopada 3, Stare boisko SK Włókniarz

Скејтпарк опција: wood

Димензии на скејтпарк: 600 m2

Површина на скејтпарк: beton

Technology: modułowa

Тип на скејтпарк: skatepark modułowy

Year: 2024

Елементи на скејтпарк: Roll-in + Quater pipe + Bank Ramp Jumpbox Spin Wall ride Funbox with grindbox 3/3 + Handrail + Funbox with stairs + Handrail 1/3 Quater pipe two levels Handrail straight Grindbox 1

The skatepark in Zawiercie is a modern place designed for lovers of skateboarding, rollerblading, BMX or scooters, located at 3 11 Listopada Street, on the site of the old SK Włókniarz football field. Occupying an area of 600 m², it is a modular complex that offers a variety of obstacles designed to meet the needs of both beginners and advanced users. This richly equipped skatepark is the perfect place for anyone who wants to develop their skills in extreme sports, in an environment that is safe and thoughtfully designed.

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