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Concrete skatepark - Chojnów


Concrete skatepark - Chojnów

Адреса: 54-224 Chojnów

Скејтпарк опција: Monolithic

Површина на скејтпарк: Concrete

Technology: betonowa

Тип на скејтпарк: skatepark betonowy

Year: 2021

The facility in Chojnów consists of a monolithic concrete skatepark with a riding surface of 451 m2. It is a two-level street skatepark where you will find all the basic street elements such as funbox with up/down handrails, drop wall, barcelona, pyramid, straight handrail or street platform. The momentum elements on one side is the Quarter Pipe with different heights giving transfer possibilities and on the other side is the quarter pipe bowl giving a substitute for corner riding. The second facility located in Chojnów is an asphalt pumptrack with a riding surface of 308m2. The pumptrack was designed and made for beginners and intermediate riders, but even an advanced rider will be able to have fun on it. Pumptrack was designed so that it is possible to ride different lines in each direction and so that it is possible to ride all possible lines in one ride. The author of the design of the surface and obstacles of the skatepark is Slo Concept design office.

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