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Snowpark Pilsko in Korbielów


Snowpark Pilsko in Korbielów

Year: 2007

As most of you know, at the foot of Pilsko massif, the kind of park which weren't at Poland yet, comes to existance. Works will take two years, but that what you get already in this year will surprise many of you. All because of guys from 3city (Furora Team) and director of ON Pilsko - Tomasz Derwich. A lot of work have been already done, so read what things are waiting for you. Firstly you'll get 4 specific chops, 2 boxes and 5 rails from On the park's terrain there will be chillout zone with house, on which everybody can ride as many time as he wants. There will be a 5 m trampoline with board for tricks also and freestyle flow in the air we hope. Whole park is artificially snowed and in January there will be an illumination and audio device mounted. Solid squad can use snowmobile for 24/7. Action like that can't be done without sponsors. We want to thanks companies like GAT, SNICKERS, MOUNTAIN DEW, CROPP for believing guys and gave you something you've been waiting for long time.
Info about Snow Zone you'll get on (from 13.12) and there you can find out which events are waiting for you in this season.

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