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Broken rail - profile []


Broken rail - profile []
Poręcz łamana - profil []
Poręcz łamana - profil [] przekrój
Poręcz łamana - profil [] rzut
Poręcz łamana - profil [] real

Αριθμός καταλόγου: GP26/L


Ζώνη Ασφαλείας:

Πρόσθετες πληροφορίες:
tel. 012 393 43 07
mob. 510 200 071

Περιγραφής Συσκευών:

Rails (round or profile) are part of every skatepark. They are used for slides and grinds, also for learning of new tricks, and should be found in every skate park, both a small and a big one. Rails could be free-standing or are used as diversity of funboxes, banks or platforms.


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