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Skatepark in Piekary Slaskie is coming!

In Piekary Slaskie we are creating a new place that will soon become a center of activity for skateboard lovers and more. We are implementing the project of Slo Concept Design Bureau, creating a compilation of concrete pumptracks and basic skatepark elements, which together cover an area of 921 m2.

Chill and Ride - Everything you need in one place

The project was created with everyone in mind - regardless of skill level. We want everyone to be able to enjoy riding without having to move between different zones. With seamless transitions between the various attractions, the park provides a seamless and dynamic experience.

What will you find at the new skatepark?

- Pumptracks: various levels of difficulty that will allow you to develop your riding technique in a fun way.
- Miniramp: ideal for performing air tricks, providing lots of fun and challenges.
- Vulcan, pyramids and other classic street elements: perfect for practicing new tricks and expressing yourself creatively.

Robustness and safety

We focus on the highest quality workmanship. We use top concrete that will ensure durability and safety, allowing users to focus on perfecting their skills without worrying about the durability of the infrastructure.

Quality guarantee from Techramps

We are proud that we, Techramps, are responsible for the construction of this state-of-the-art skatepark. Our years of experience and love of urban sports allow us to create facilities that not only meet the expectations of users, but are also aesthetically refined and technically advanced.