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Our passion is combined with professionalism, which is a guarantee of the highest quality. As long-time enthusiasts of the sport, we make every effort to ensure that our skateparks meet the expectations of users. We put our experience, creativity and effort to provide a product that is always up to date with the latest trends in skateboarding. We are part of the Techramps group, which also includes brands such as Wakepro,, Slo Concept and Flowparks. Our projects are not only in Poland, but also around the world and throughout Europe, which proves our international reputation and experience.

We have 20 years of experience, thousands of projects and hundreds of satisfied users are the reasons why you should cooperate with Techramps.

Why choose Techramps? We stand out:

  • Technical certifications and TÜV certification for equipment such as VULCAN, STREET, PODEST, PIRAMIDS, BANK, QUARTERS, FUNBOX, PORTS, GRINDBOX, RAMPA, PIRAMIDS.
  • Extended warranty options in the Prestige version.
  • Warranty and post-warranty services.
  • Instructions for use of the skatepark.
  • The possibility of advertising on the elements of the skatepark.
  • Skatepark projects that can be co-created by young people - more information in our Consultation section.
  • Free consulting and design of each skatepark.
  • Numerous references.
  • Membership in the Skate Park Association International.

We invite you to cooperate with us and use our services to work together to create places that inspire and encourage outdoor activities. We create safe and quality facilities, support and listen to the urban sports community, and educate about modern methods of creating 21st century facilities.

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