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Event organization

Event organization

Techramps very cordially invites you to cooperation. We offer help in organizing extremalnych throughout the country. We have numerous contacts and extensive repertoire of demonstrations arising from the more than dozen years. On the left side menu, you can see our past events projects.

Our activities include organizing demonstrations and competitions at:

- Outdoor events (festivals, fairs, day cities, etc.)
- Promotion events,
- Concerts
- Fashion shows
- Events for children,
- Occasional events (competitions)
- Charitable events.

We work with a number of presenting a wide range of artistic activities - ranging from hip-hop, club, d'n'b and ending with the powerful rock music.

Our offer is varied, not only stylistically, but also affordable. After contacting us we will determine the details: date, nature of the event, the conditions of technical, organizational and cost accounting. We are able to provide sound equipment, lighting, transport, advertising, and above all a good and unforgettable fun!
We hope that our proposal proves to be attractive for you and will be the beginning of a solid, mutually beneficial cooperation.