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Battle of Mistrzejowice 2012 - results and photos


Battle of Mistrzejowice 2012 - results and photos

On May 9th tooked place in Krakow event "Battle and Mistrzejowice" safe to say that these were the greatest competition and one of the most important events for the local skates that took place in this city. Event opened first proffesional skatepark in Krakow. The level and frequency show how skateboarding thrives in this city.

First riders and spectators showed up at the park already at 9:00. Registration started from 10.00, but everyone had plenty of time to drive through the park as a jam session didn't start until 12:00, then the President of Krakow officially opened skatepark.
There were more than 50 players from the city and area, and the team from Bielsko, Cieszyn and Lublin. Qualifying took place in three-and four-person teams.

To the semi-finals were given, among others, Tomek Kłos, Maciek „Johnny” Jakobszy, Szymon „Szaban” Kuś, Przemek Wardęga, Andrzej Podsiadło, Marcel Żyłka, Damian Bojko, Mateusz Tuzimski, Franek Kramarczyk i Mateusz Kowalski. Then again they ride in three person teams, for three minutes each.

To the final got the four best players. The best was Przemek Wardęga (1000 PLN and prizes from Nike SB), then Andrzej "Jejo" Podsiadło (500 PLN and prizes from Nike SB) and Marcel Żyłka (200 PLN and prizes from Nike SB). Johnny
finished on fourth place.


After Jam Session there was two more Best Tricks, first picked up by Andrzej Kwiatek (200 PLN +prizes from Nike SB) and Mateusz Tuzimski
(also 200 PLN and gadgets from Nike).

The last competition was the Best Tricks "Money Challenge", organized by the shop For the good trick riders were immediately rewarded with money. And so on the three obstacles, riders might win 750 PLN (250 for each obstacle, 50 zł per trick). There was a lot of good tricks, so the idea was a hit and it would be the permanently part of skate events.

Tricks from the competitions might be seen at  the video, created by Kuba Holik from „Sprzymierzonych”.

The organizers of the event were: Techramps (, Park Pirates (, Council District XV Mistrzejowice. The sound gave Red Bull, sponsors of the event were Nike SB rewards and (, and media sponsor ( and Gazeta Krakowska.