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Miniramp Junior DIY

The set contains:

- copings - 2 pieces

- side laminated waterproof plywood arches with a logo and marked spots for screws - 4 pieces

- waterproof plywood parts of the stoop - 4 pieces

- waterproof plywood elements of the rideable surface - 9 pieces

- construction balks

- bolts for screwing down the construction with the rideable elements

- Torx type bits for screwdrivers - 2 pieces

For screewing down the miniramp you wil need:

1. A screwdriver 
2. Two hours of free time

Please remember that this miniramp is intended for private use. If you would like to have a skatepark or a ramp in your city (in a public spot, near to a school etc.), we could prepare such a project for you.

Interested? Contact us via phone or email: +48 12 393 43 07

Dimmensions: 488cm x 180 cm x 75 cm

You can buy the miniramp on

Dodano: 04-2017