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Skatepark in Warszawa-Białołęka


Skatepark in Warszawa-Białołęka

Address: ul. Odkryta

Year: 2008

In 21-26.04.08 we complete assembly of next skatepark in Warsaw, this time in district Białołęka. This sports complex is one of the biggest skateparks in Poland, located on fresh air. On square of dimensions 45m x 35m, similar to letter "L", there are arrange 9 various elements: from rail and grindboxes, through large funbox, to expanded platforms. Whole skatepark surely will be good for skateboarders, inliners and should make encouragement to perfecting skills or learning new tricks.

Address: Odkryta Str.

Elements of skatepark: Quarter + Quarter + rollin, Funbox with grindbox, rail and manual box, Funbox with  rainbow box and rail, Platform corner, Platform, Grindbox, Grindbox, Grindbox „C”, Straight rail.

Photos of new grindbox.

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