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Modular skatepark - Rzezawa


Modular skatepark - Rzezawa

Address: ul. Przemysłowa 3, Rzezawa

Skatepark option: Prestiż

Dimension square skatepark: 968 m2

Skatepark surface: Beton

Technology: modułowa

Skatepark type: skatepark modułowy

Year: 2022

Skatepark elements: The modular skatepark includes: • Rollin + Quarter Pipe • Spine + Funbox for jumping + Funbox with 3/3 handrail • Quarter Pipe + Bank Ramp + Wall • Quarter Pipe with mini quarter + Custom Spin Ramp Skatepark also consists of a concrete section, ie Funbox with 1/3 grindbox + 1/3 square railing + Funbox with stairs + Funbox with distater box in "Light Concrete" technology.

In Rzezawa at ul. Przemysłowa 3, next to the Rzezowianka Stadium, we have built the largest modular skatepark in Poland - as much as 968 m2 of space and almost 100 m in length!
The skatepark was made in the Prestiż technology, i.e. covered with a waterproof, frost-resistant and non-slip Rampline mat.
At the skatepark, in addition to the flying section, there is a huge spin ramps and a concrete funbox.


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