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Indoor skatepark in Krakow


Indoor skatepark in Krakow

Address: ul. Władysława Siwka 28, 31-588 Kraków

Skatepark option: Indoor skatepark in Krakow

Dimension square skatepark: 700m2

Skatepark surface: Concrete

Technology: modułowa

Skatepark type: skatepark modułowy

Year: 2020

Skatepark elements: 1. fly section with rollin and funbox for jumping. 2. minirampa with an elevated platform with concrete Copings. 3. street section with a platform with an adjustable wall and adjustable tube. 4. funbox in the middle with a wall, handrail and a very cool pyramid connected to the barcelona, giving many riding opportunities. 5. on the flag with walls and tubes.

Below is the largest indoor skatepark in Cracow - Streetpark - Cracow Indoor Skatepark. Designed by our design department - Slo Concept brand(, the 700m2 skatepark is part of Streetpark, which is a modern sports facility with an area of (as much as!) 1200m2. It is a rich space equipped not only with a riding zone, but also a workshop, exhibition or pop-up store type section.

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