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Modular skatepark - Połczyn Zdrój


Modular skatepark - Połczyn Zdrój

Address: Ul. Szczecinecka 25

Skatepark option: Prestige

Dimension square skatepark: 997 m2

Skatepark surface: Concrete

Technology: modułowa

Skatepark type: skatepark modułowy

Year: 2023

Skatepark elements: It features such elements as: - Jumpox - Spin - Rollin+ Quarter pipe 90° pyramid - Quarter pipe 16° - Straight handrail - Wall ride - Funbox with handrail 3/3 - Grindobx 1 + Grindobx 2

Welcome to the new modular skatepark in Połczyn Zdrój! This is the perfect place for all lovers of extreme sports and skateboarding. Our park was created to provide both beginners and advanced skateboarders with excellent conditions to practice and improve their skills. The skatepark consists of a variety of modules that allow you to perform a variety of tricks and combinations.

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