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Modular skatepark - Legionowo


Modular skatepark - Legionowo

Address: Parkowa 27a

Skatepark option: concrete-modular hubrid

Technology: modułowa

Skatepark type: skatepark modułowy

Year: 2021

Skatepark elements: Concrete Bowl, Concrete staircase with two handrails and Grindbox, Concrete Pyramid Bank, Quarter pipe with mini quarter pipe+ bank with subbox, Funbox with grindbox 3/3+ handrail 2/3, Funbox with grindbox 2/2+ pyramid

The main attraction is the impressive concrete Bowl, ideal for lovers of dynamic and smooth rides. The staircase with two handrails and a Grindbox is the perfect space to hone skills related to slide and grind techniques. Safe handrails allow you to try a variety of tricks, and the sturdy Grindbox provides a suitable surface for sliding on a skateboard. The entire skatepark has been located on Parkowa Street in Legionowo, making it easily accessible to skateboard enthusiasts from all over the region. Its unique construction, consisting of concrete elements and a modular design option, makes it a great place to train and develop skills.

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