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Concrete skatepark in Kielce


Concrete skatepark in Kielce

Address: ul. Pakosz 1

Skatepark option: Beton

Dimension square skatepark: 1513 m2

Skatepark surface: concrete

Technology: betonowa

Skatepark type: skatepark betonowy

Year: 2022

Skatepark elements: Miniramp H120 + Bank Ramp + Quarter Pipe, Funbox pyramid 1, Quarter Pyramid, Gap + low wall, 2 x Bank + London gap + stairs + handrail-profile, Grindbox + Bank + Double set Straight handrail - O profile, wallride, poll jam + bank, \"Pier 7 - San Francisco\" + straight handrail - O profile + drop handrail - O profile, grindbox, Bank of rounded ramps + two steps

 Kielce has gained an extensive skate park in a modern design - colored concrete and new obstacles are something that local youth have been waiting for a long time.

• Area - 1513 m2
• Project:


The first stage of this skatepark was completed by us in 2010.

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