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Skatepark Lipin


Skatepark Lipin

Address: ul. Podgórna, 59-160 Radwanice

Skatepark option: Standard

Skatepark surface: Beton

Year: 2021

Skatepark elements: H150 miniramp - 935x488x150 Quarter pipe + Bank ramp - 325x488x100 Spin - 307x244x100 Jumping funbox - 604x244x90 Quarter pipe 60 degrees - 782x512x150 Funbox with 2/3 grindbox + railing 1/3 - 720x244x60 Funbox pyramid - 720x400x60 Quarter pipe + Bank ramp - 416x488x150 Straight handrail - 400x5x35

In Lipin at ul. Jana Pawła II, our modular skatepark was created in the standard technology, equipped with, among others, in Miniramp H150, Spin, Quarter Pipe + Bank Ramp, Funbpx for jumping, Quarter pipe 60 degrees, Funbox Pyramid and other obstacles.


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