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  • Skatepark in Turek

    Skatepark in Turek

    Location: At terrain of Sport Centre in Turek. Skatepark contains: Bank, Funbox with Grindbox, slanting Rail, straight Rail, Bench for slides. I STAGE. II STAGE.

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  • Zakopane Snow Box on MEPTV

    Zakopane Snow Box on MEPTV

    Event will be at friday 29.09.2006 in Zakopane. Show on SnowBox: 16:00-18:30 - Warm Up session (Zaruskiego 5 Str., Zakopane, PTTK terrain, near "Rockus" club). 16:00-17:00 - freeskiing: Szczepan Karpiel, Jasiek Krzysztof, Jasiek Pawlikowski, Michał...

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  • Skatepark in Łódź

    Skatepark in Łódź

    Skatepark in Łódź.

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  • Snow Box Łomnica

    Snow Box Łomnica

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  • Skatepark in Giżycko

    Skatepark in Giżycko

    Location: 100m from lake!!! On the very centre of Giżycko. Skatepark contains: Quoter, Bank, Funbox with Grindbox, Rail and Picnic table.

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  • Red Bull Komin

    Red Bull Komin

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  • Skatepark in Wieluń

    Skatepark in Wieluń

    Location: On terrain of Wieluński's Centre of Sport and Recreatoin, Wojska Polskiego 38 Str. Mini skatepark contains: two Banks (190 cm high) and Funbox (95 cm high) with Grindbox (40 cm high).

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  • Snowpark Koninki

    Snowpark Koninki

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  • Skatepark in Ustka

    Skatepark in Ustka

    Location: Grunwaldzka Str. Recently skatepark was enlarged on mini ramp (120 cm high, 488 cm wide).

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  • Snowpark RMF FM Zakopane

    Snowpark RMF FM Zakopane

    Snow Park RMF FM Zakopane.

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  • Skatepark in Trzebinia

    Skatepark in Trzebinia

    Location: Junior High School nr 3 in Trzebinia.

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  • Snowpark Pilsko in Korbielów

    Snowpark Pilsko in Korbielów

    As most of you know, at the foot of Pilsko massif, the kind of park which weren't at Poland yet, comes to existance. Works will take two years, but that what you get already in this year will surprise many of you. All because of guys from 3city (Furora Team) and director of...

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  • Mazury


    Location: Top Secret.  

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  • Snowpark in Białka 2005

    Snowpark in Białka 2005

    Snowpark Białka.

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  • Skatepark in Wolsztyn

    Skatepark in Wolsztyn

    Location: Wolsztyn. Skatepark is located near the lake in a very beautiful city park. In this park there are: boat-renting service, basketball and football courts, amphitheatre, and of course an extra cool Hotel. You can't imagine a better place for that kind of object....

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  • Snowpark in Białka 2004

    Snowpark in Białka 2004

    Snowpark Białka Tatrzańska.

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  • Skatepark in Nowiny

    Skatepark in Nowiny

    Skatepark in Nowiny near Kielce (terrain of  "Perła" Indoor Swimming Pool). Skatepark is covered with RampLine plywood (super resistant to weather condictions). Skatepark contains: Quoter, Bank, Pyramid with Brickwork and Rail, Funbox, Grindbox, 2 Rails, Spin....

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  • Snowpark Carlsberg in Zakopane

    Snowpark Carlsberg in Zakopane

    Zakopane Carlsberg Winter Festival.

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  • Skatepark in Grójec

    Skatepark in Grójec

    Skatepark in Grójec is located on terrain of large sport-and-swimming-pool complex (sauna, tennis courts, courts, etc). Skatepark contains: Two Funboxes, first of them contains Grindbox and Rail, the second is for jumps - Bank (150 cm high) and Quoter (180 cm high)....

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  • Snowpark Red Bull Monstairs in Warsaw

    Snowpark Red Bull Monstairs in Warsaw

    Red Bull Monstairs Scores: 1. Hannes Metzler / Austria 2. Tyler Chorlton / Wielka Brytania 3. Manuel Bernert / Austria Wild cards: 1. Tomas Hrnciar / Słowacja 2. Matews Petek / Słowenia 3. Mario Visnap / Estonia 4. Lubomir Zelenay / Słowacja 5. Roman Dlauhy / Czechy 6....

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  • Skatepark in Tarnów

    Skatepark in Tarnów

    Skatepark in Tarnów is made in Prestige option, steel construction covered with thick plywood and then covered with zinced sheet. That kind of skateparks have very long vivacity. Sheet, which is on the surface provide great resistance from weather condictions effects....

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  • Snowpark HEAD on Harenda

    Snowpark HEAD on Harenda

    Few days ago the works over HEAD skateparks in Zakopane on Harenda hilside and Mobile park for POLISH FREESKIING SOCIETY have been finished. Photos from Zakopane - Harenda.

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