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Indoor Skatepark in Cracow


Indoor Skatepark in Cracow

Address: ul. Władysława Siwka 28, 31-588 Cracow

Skatepark option: Indoor skatepark

Dimension square skatepark: 700m2

Skatepark surface: Concrete

Year: 2020

Skatepark elements: 1. Volatile section with a rollin and a funbox for jumping from which more advanced riders can "stick" straight into the mini-ramp. 2. Miniramp with a platform on which there are concrete Copings 3. Street section with a platform with an adjustable wall and an adjustable pipe. 4. Funbox in the middle with a wall, handrail and a very nice pyramid connected to Barcelona, giving many riding possibilities. 5. On the flat you will also find walls and pipes on which you can practice whatever you think of.

Below we present the largest indoor skatepark in Małopolska - Street Park - Cracow Indoor Skatepark. Designed by our design department - the Slo Concept brand (, the 700m2 skatepark is part of the Street Park, a modern sports facility with an area of (up to!) 1,200 m2. It is a rich space equipped not only with a riding zone, but also a workshop, exhibition or pop-up store section.

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