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  • Snowpark Parchatka

    Snowpark Parchatka

    Straight box T, Grindrail

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  • Snowpark Szwajcaria Baltowska

    Snowpark Szwajcaria Baltowska

    Grindrail, Straight box with entry, Butter Box,Box Rainbow, Kids Box, Kids Box Disaster, Wall ride, Kicker 5m.

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  • Snowpark Bialka Tatrzanska 2014

    Snowpark Bialka Tatrzanska 2014

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  • Snowpark Snieznica - Kasina Wielka

    Snowpark Snieznica - Kasina Wielka

    Medium funbox 8 m , little funbox 3 m, Rail 3 m, Kids box rainbow, Kids manual Box, tube up down 6m.

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  • Snowpark Koninki 2013

    Snowpark Koninki 2013

    Wall, Copula, Pipe, Box, Butter Box, Rail

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  • Snowpark Zwardoń

    Snowpark Zwardoń

    Kids box - straight, Kids disater box, Kids rainbow box, Straight Pipe, Set of Rules, Board: Open, Closed

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  • Snowpark Burton 2012 - Bialka

    Snowpark Burton 2012 - Bialka

    Kula, thick rail, Butter Box, Box simple, Kink, mini tube wall, trapezoid box, handrail, PVC pipe.

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  • Gravity SnowPark Koninki 2012

    Gravity SnowPark Koninki 2012

    We invite you to the Snowpark in Koninki that has ready the first section . Snowpark will consist of four sections stationed along the route with a length of 1450 m . The first section is located near the top , and the last one...

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  • Snowpark Katowice -JiB Jam 4 Spodek

    Snowpark Katowice -JiB Jam 4 Spodek

    In January 2010 tooked place the largest urban snowboard event in Poland. 120 tons of snow and huge scaffolding stood in Spodek at Katowice . The huge structure appeared our rails . Specially designed double- angled flat...

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  • Snowpark at Szczecin Gubalowka

    Snowpark at Szczecin Gubalowka

    - low Box, - wide Box, - Straight box rail, - Rail with one broke, - low broken Box,

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  • Snowpark Elbląg

    Snowpark Elbląg

    2 x kink box - box prosty - box fala - rurka prosta - zabudowana - rurka trapez - rurka łamana - rura karbowana - rura PCV - opona

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  • Snowpark Priv - Oskar

    Snowpark Priv - Oskar

    Tbox, Drop, Quoter,

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  • Snowpark Szczyrk Juliany 2012

    Snowpark Szczyrk Juliany 2012

    Straight handrail, Box butter, handrail without elbows.

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  • Snowpark Koninki 2011

    Snowpark Koninki 2011

    From 09.01.2011 to Koninki village away from Krakow about 60 km you can ride i n a small snowpark. It includes three obstacles TBox , grindrail and pool jam and ramp for 6-8 m flights. We also recommend a wild seat -...

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  • Koninki Snowpark 2010

    Koninki Snowpark 2010

    At the village Koninki , away from Krakow about 60 km , we put a few obstacles for intermediate raiders . Besides the obstacles for all visiters is waiting well-prepared slopes . There are also secret spots such as the famous  ...

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  • Mobile snowpark Bialka Tatrzanska

    Mobile snowpark Bialka Tatrzanska

    In Bialka held in Polish Tatra tooked place Peanut Butter & Rail Jam. On this occasion, we  set three rails our mobile park. Volcome ​​event was held under the watchful eye of Serum Group. Photos posted by Don Boni...

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  • Snowpark Village Park - Swieradow Zdroj

    Snowpark Village Park - Swieradow Zdroj

    street box 8 m, 4 m boxs x2, double broken box 4m/2,5m/4m, butter box 4 m x2, street rail 8 m, wallride width 5 m, hight 2 m

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  • Obstacles for PFO

    Obstacles for PFO

    In 2010, we started construction of obstacles jibbowych one of Europe's largest event for freestyle skiers " The North Face Polish Freeskiing Open " .   Photos from the event , which took place in Zakopane Gubalowka...

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  • Zieleniec


    In the season 2008/2009 started Zieleniec Village park . Snow Park is located in the center of Mieszko Str - in a neighborhood of Zieleniec church. The obstacles was design by Stach - Maciej Stasiak and made by ​​Techramps ....

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  • Snowpark Ciche

    Snowpark Ciche

    6-12-2007. We delivered the obstacles to snowpark in Ciche - near Chochołów. Snowpark will be located on hillside (450m lenght). Hillside is snowed, prepared everyday by snowmobile and have lights. More about opening soon.   Elements.  

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  • SnowPark Billabonga w Julianach

    SnowPark Billabonga w Julianach

    The Techramps have finished build of three obstacles for new Snowpark Bilabong on JUlianach . You can raid on these opstacles in 22th-12-2007

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  • Zakopane Snow Box on MEPTV

    Zakopane Snow Box on MEPTV

    Event will be at friday 29.09.2006 in Zakopane. Show on SnowBox: 16:00-18:30 - Warm Up session (Zaruskiego 5 Str., Zakopane, PTTK terrain, near "Rockus" club). 16:00-17:00 - freeskiing: Szczepan Karpiel, Jasiek Krzysztof, Jasiek Pawlikowski, Michał...

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  • Snowpark RMF FM Zakopane

    Snowpark RMF FM Zakopane

    Snow Park RMF FM Zakopane.

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  • Snowpark Pilsko in Korbielów

    Snowpark Pilsko in Korbielów

    As most of you know, at the foot of Pilsko massif, the kind of park which weren't at Poland yet, comes to existance. Works will take two years, but that what you get already in this year will surprise many of you. All because of guys from 3city (Furora Team) and director of...

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  • Snowpark in Białka 2005

    Snowpark in Białka 2005

    Snowpark Białka.

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  • Snowpark in Białka 2004

    Snowpark in Białka 2004

    Snowpark Białka Tatrzańska.

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  • Snowpark Carlsberg in Zakopane

    Snowpark Carlsberg in Zakopane

    Zakopane Carlsberg Winter Festival.

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  • Snowpark Red Bull Monstairs in Warsaw

    Snowpark Red Bull Monstairs in Warsaw

    Red Bull Monstairs Scores: 1. Hannes Metzler / Austria 2. Tyler Chorlton / Wielka Brytania 3. Manuel Bernert / Austria Wild cards: 1. Tomas Hrnciar / Słowacja 2. Matews Petek / Słowenia 3. Mario Visnap / Estonia 4. Lubomir Zelenay / Słowacja 5. Roman Dlauhy / Czechy 6....

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  • Snowpark HEAD on Harenda

    Snowpark HEAD on Harenda

    Few days ago the works over HEAD skateparks in Zakopane on Harenda hilside and Mobile park for POLISH FREESKIING SOCIETY have been finished. Photos from Zakopane - Harenda.

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