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  • Skatepark Dąbrowa Górnicza

    Skatepark Dąbrowa Górnicza

    Concrete skatepark in Dąbrowa Górnicza

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  • Section Junior Ave Park

    Section Junior Ave Park

    New section Junior Park on Ave Park!

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  • Indoor skatepark in Warsaw - Woodpark

    Indoor skatepark in Warsaw - Woodpark

    Skatepark Woodpark is the first indoor concrete skatepark in Poland. Skatepark consists of two sections which are: - wooden volatile section with devices such as roll-in, jumpbox, rezi jumpbox and quarter pipe with a wall and an additional part of rezi - concrete street...

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  • Skatepark Pacanów

    Skatepark Pacanów

    Skatepark 290m2

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  • Skatepark Bobowa

    Skatepark Bobowa

    Skatepark in Bobowa is a small, two-level street facility with devices such as a ramp bank two levels, a platform with a handrail, square profile 2/2, a funbox with a 2/2 railing and a pyramid, a wide grindbox, a flat railing and a Qurter pipe two levels. The facility has all...

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  • Indoor Skatepark in Warsaw

    Indoor Skatepark in Warsaw

    The new section of Ave / Park is a skatepark for all sports. At the skatepark you will find, among others, 2 jumpboxes, step up, wall or spin. This is the perfect warm-up section before riding the large flying section in Ave / Park.

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  • Indoor Skatepark in Cracow

    Indoor Skatepark in Cracow

    1. Volatile section with a rollin and a funbox for jumping from which more advanced riders can "stick" straight into the mini-ramp. 2. Miniramp with a platform on which there are concrete Copings 3. Street section with a platform with an adjustable wall and an adjustable...

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  • Skatepark - Prochowice

    Skatepark - Prochowice

    Bank Ramp 325x366x100 Quarter Pipe 275x366x100 Manual Pad + Poręcz prosta 244x244x20 Grindbox 9 364x131x35 Ławka 1 250x30x35 Pole Jam 60x10x50

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  • Skatepark - Brześć Kujawski

    Skatepark - Brześć Kujawski

    Piramida Barcelona 420x158x28 Grindbox 14 607x210x35/62 Grindbox 6 243x243x35 Poręcz prosta - profil 400x5x35

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  • Skatepark Łomazy

    Skatepark Łomazy

    Minirampa + Bank Ramp 792x447x100 Funbox z poręczą 3/3 720x244x60 Funbox do skoków 495x244x60 Grindbox 2 364x60x50 Poręcz prosta 400x5x35

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  • Skatepark Sadki

    Skatepark Sadki

    Bank ramp 360x366x120 Quarter pipe 300x366x120 Funbox z disaster boxem, poręczą i gapem 560x426x38/50 Ławka 250x30x35 Poręcz prosta mała 250x8x40 Poręcz prosta 500x6x35

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  • Skatepark Opalenica

    Skatepark Opalenica

    Quarter pipe 320x366x150 Funbox + grindbox 3/3 + poręcz 2/3 720x488x60 Poręcz prosta 400x5x35 Ławka 250x30x35 Bank ramp 470x488x180 Minirampa H150 935x488x150

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  • Skatepark Krzanowice

    Skatepark Krzanowice

    Quarter pipe 250x244x90 Funbox + disaster rail + grindbox 440x324x40 Bank ramp 306x244x90 Poręcz prosta mała 250x5x40

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  • Skatepark Krasocin

    Skatepark Krasocin

    Quarter pipe 250x244x90 Funbox + disaster rail + grindbox 440x324x40 Bank ramp 306x244x90 Grindbox 440x121x20 Ławka 286x60x35 Poręcz prosta 400x5x35 Pole jam 60x10x50

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  • Skatepark Grudziądz

    Skatepark Grudziądz

    Quarter pipe 250x244x90 Funbox + disaster rail + grindbox 440x324x40 Bank ramp 306x244x90

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  • Skatepark Ustroń

    Skatepark Ustroń

    Bank ramp + quarter pipe 416 x 488 x 150 Funbox + grindbox 3/3 +poręcz 2/3 + grindbox 3/1 644 x 488 x 40

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  • Mobile miniramp in Zabrze – rent

    Mobile miniramp in Zabrze – rent

    Miniramp H120 - 994x366x120

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  • Minirampa Sanok

    Minirampa Sanok

    Miniramp H150 - 935x610x150

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  • Skatepark Ustrzyki Dolne

    Skatepark Ustrzyki Dolne

    Bank ramp 360x244x120 Funbox + grindbox 3/1 620x244x45 Quarter pipe 320x244x120 Poręcz prosta 400x5x35 Grindbox 9 + grindbox 1 364x258x20/35 Ławka 2 286x60x35

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  • Skatepark Dąbrowa

    Skatepark Dąbrowa

    Bank Ramp 360x366x120 Funbox z grindboxem 2/3+ poręcz 3/3 660x366x45 Grindbox 1 364x121x25 Quarter Pipe 300x366x120

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  • Skatepark Sosnowiec

    Skatepark Sosnowiec

    Mini Ramp 1154x610x244 Quarter Pipe 320x366x150

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  • Rented miniramp Warszawa VISA-Amelia Brodka

    Rented miniramp Warszawa VISA-Amelia Brodka

    Mobile miniramp: 620x180x95

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  • Minirampa Płock

    Minirampa Płock

    Miniramp H150 935x488x150

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  • Minirampa Skatepark Lubin

    Minirampa Skatepark Lubin

    Miniramp H120 + bank ramp 1106 x 366 x 120

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  • Skatepark Gdynia

    Skatepark Gdynia

    Bank ramp 416x366x150, Quarter pipe + mini quarter 320x610x150, Funbox with grindbox 3/3 720x244x60, Funbox with rail 2/3 720x244x60, Miniramp H120 885x488x120,

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  • Skatepark Czeladź

    Skatepark Czeladź

    Bank Ramp 360x488x120, Quarter Pipe 300x488x120, Funbox with Grindbox 3/3, rail 2/3 oand rail 3/1 + Pyramid 574x653x45, Straight rail 400x5x35, Banch 2 286x60x35

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  • Supply of skatepark elements in Brzeszcze

    Supply of skatepark elements in Brzeszcze

    Grindbox 12 240x488x65/90, Quarter Pipe 320x366x150

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  • Skatepark Biały Bór

    Skatepark Biały Bór

    Bank Ramp 360x244x120, Quarter Pipe 300x244x120, Funbox with rail 340x305x40, Grindbox 2 + Grindbox 1 with straight rail 340x172x30/40, Grindbox 9 419x131x35,

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  • Skatepark dla Hamak-Tur

    Skatepark dla Hamak-Tur

    Bank Ramp 272x130x90, Grindbox 200x30x30, Poręcz prosta regulowana 200x5x26/38, Kicker 150x90x25, Quarter Pipe 180x130x70, Manual Pad 180x90x25, Minirampa H120 885x366x120

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  • Development of Skatepark Warka

    Development of Skatepark Warka

    Bank Ramp H150 416x244x150

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  • Skatepark Słupno

    Skatepark Słupno

    Minirampa H150 935x488x150

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  • Skatepark Pruszków

    Skatepark Pruszków

    Bank Ramp 360x244x120, Quarter pipe 300x244x120, Platforma 610x349x25, Poręcz prosta 400x5x35, Ławka 2 286x60x35

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  • Skatepark Międzyrzec Podlaski

    Skatepark Międzyrzec Podlaski

    Quarter pipe + bank ramp 416x610x150, Funbox with grindbox 3/3 + rail 2/3 + grindbox 3/1 640x610x45, 2x bank ramp pyramid + quarter pipe 538x905x150, Poręcz prosta 400x5x35, Grind bench 286x60x35, Platform with rail, stairs, grindboxs, London gap + bank ramp...

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  • Pool Forum 2020

    Pool Forum 2020


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  • Skatepark Czerniewice

    Skatepark Czerniewice

    Minirampa H135 923x425x135, Quarter Pipe 320x366x150, Funbox z poręczą 3/1 + Grinbox 9 660x492x45, Bank Ramp 430x366x150, Poręcz prosta mała - profil 250x8x30, Ławka 1 250x30x35

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  • Skatepark Gostyń

    Skatepark Gostyń

    ¼ Bowl 915x1000x95, Quarter Pipe z Mini Quarter Pipem 345x610x180.

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  • Skatepark Nowy Tomyśl 2

    Skatepark Nowy Tomyśl 2

    Quarter Pipe 320x244x150, Bank Ramp 416x244x150, Grindbox 2 600x60x50.

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  • Skatepark Poznań os.Rusa

    Skatepark Poznań os.Rusa

    Mini Spin Ramp 1635x610x150, Ławka 2 286x60x35, Poręcz prosta 400x5x35.

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  • Krosno - rozbudowa

    Krosno - rozbudowa

    Bank Ramp o wymiarach 300x488x100 cm

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  • Skatepark Wrocław

    Skatepark Wrocław

    Minirampa H100 - 792 x 244 x 100

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  • Skatepark Otwock

    Skatepark Otwock

    Platforma z Piramidą i Grindboxem 3/3, poręczą 2/3 oraz Grindboxem 3/1 1095x694x30, Bank Ramp 416x610x150, Quarter Pipe 330x610x150, Manual Pad + Grindbox 2 500x230x35/70, Ławka 4 286x60x40/52.

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  • Skatepark Nowy Duniów

    Skatepark Nowy Duniów

    Quarter pipe 300x500x105 Funbox z poręczą łamaną oraz grindboxem łamanym 480x450x30 Bank Ramp 380x400x105 Grind Ławka 350x80x32 Poręcz prosta 350x6x35

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  • Skatepark Kostrzyn nad Odrą

    Skatepark Kostrzyn nad Odrą

    Quarter pipe + roll-in 467x976x180/220, Quarter pipe + Bank ramp 416x976x150, Funbox (podest 122) 720x366x90, Spin 394x366x150, Funbox do skoków 820x366x150, Poręcz łamana – profil 500x8x30/55, Grindbox 2 607x60x50, Minirampa H150 935x488x150,

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  • Skatepark Łobez

    Skatepark Łobez

    Quarter pipe 300x366x120 Quarter pipe + bank ramp 360x488x120 Bank ramp + mini quarter 325x610x100 Funbox z disaster boxem oraz poręczą 600x365x60 Ławka 4 224x60x40/52 Poręcz prosta 400x5x40 Poręcz spadowa 400x5x35 Poręcz 1/3 251x5x45 Poręcz spadowa profil...

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  • Skatepark Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

    Skatepark Kalwaria Zebrzydowska


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  • Skatepark Adamów

    Skatepark Adamów

    Skatepark 362m2

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  • Skatepark Wronki

    Skatepark Wronki

    Quarter Pipe 250x366x90, Grindbox 2 364x60x50, Ławka 2 250x60x35, Funbox z poręczą 345x308x32/25, Bank Ramp 303x366x90, Bank Ramp 470x244x180, Funbox z poręczą 600x305x60, Funbox do skoków 680x244x115, Quarter Pipe 320x366x150, Minirampa H120 885x366x120

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  • Skatepark Budapeszt 2

    Skatepark Budapeszt 2

    Bank ramp 360x244x120, 2x grindbox 366x222x20/40, Funbox with grindbox and rail 688x410x30, Straight rail 400x5x35, Quarter pipe 300x244x120,

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  • Skatepark Szydłowiec

    Skatepark Szydłowiec

    Quarter Pipe 300x610x100/120, Bank Ramp 360x610x120/135, Funbox z poręczą 420x366x33/45, Manual pad z grindboxami 244x244x18/40, Poręcz prosta mała - Profil 250x8x30, Ławka 286x60x35

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  • Skatepark Piła

    Skatepark Piła

    Quarter pipe 250x244x90, Funbox + disaster rail + grindbox 440x324x40, Bank ramp 306x244x90, Poręcz prosta mała 250x5x40

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