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Info-May Picnic on Slovakia

 Here is the newest info from Tatrzańska Łomica, where at 4-6 May will be May event:

The raiderzy, which have comfirm their appearance yesterday:

Martin Cernik, Matus Hubka, Marek Snaider and skater Ondro Leskoviansky all from Quicksilver team...
Czech raiders - Richard Skandera, Darek Bergman, Lartin Bus, Patrik Schwarz , Jana Cechova...
Slovak Slope Style Champion Mato Matys (Quicksilver, Gnu, 32) and young "ripper" Thomas Hrnciar (Ride, 32, Demon), and with them are Rohaj (Capita, Union, Itoca), Basia Stevulova (Roxy, DC, Jee Vice), Peter Kuko Pap (Ride, 32, Demon), Dada Darilova (Ride, 32, Demon)...
With Fat Gipsy Production are coming Flo Mausser (Elan, ACG), Michi Bacher(Scott), and Roli Scharmer (Atomic, ACG)
Czech film team The Lab with the raiders like: Roman Dlauhy( Burton , Volcom, Red Bull), winner of Czech Cup 2007 Thomas Tuzar (HF, Forum, Oakley), Jozin Toufar (Flow, Nugget, Spy), MArtin Matousek (Nitro)
The party will be visited by hungarian raider Bazsi Takacs, who' s comming back from USA...
There will be a lot of raiders from Poland, and MEPtv team...
Guys from Slovakia are endinng constructing a snowpark, it'll be ready for Friday... kicker is ready (8m) will be a lot of (~15m) and quoter... there will be jibbing obstacles (Techramps) and places for slides :).
...It will be a great party...

Budowa_1 Budowa_2 Budowa_3 Budowa_4 Budowa_5 Budowa_6 Budowa_7 Budowa_8 Budowa_9 Budowa_10
May Picnic in Tatrzańska Łomnica in 2005 and 2006.
Majowk_1 Majowk_2 Majowk_3 Majowk_4 Majowk_5 Majowk_6 Majowk_7 Majowk_8 Majowk_9 Majowk_10 Majowk_11 Majowk_12 Majowk_13 Majowk_14 Majowk_15 Majowk_16 Majowk_17 Majowk_18 Majowk_19 Majowk_20 Majowk_21 Majowk_23 Majowk_22 Majowk_24 Majowk_25 Majowk_26 Majowk_27 Majowk_28 Majowk_29
May Picnic in this year - photos was taken two days ago.
Drugi_dzien_1 Drugi_dzien_2 Drugi_dzien_3 Drugi_dzien_4 Drugi_dzien_5 Drugi_dzien_6 Drugi_dzien_11 Drugi_dzien_7 Drugi_dzien_8 Drugi_dzien_9 Drugi_dzien_10
Skatepark and place near camping (indoor and lights).
skateparkplac_4 skateparkplac_1 skateparkplac_2 skateparkplac_3 skateparkplac_5
Place for Jibbing (Friday & Saturday evening).
Piatkowy_wieczor_60 Piatkowy_wieczor_50 Piatkowy_wieczor_51
Place for acommodation - 1 min on foot (near skatepark), 2 mins by car (near ski lift).
Place_47 Place_48 Place_49 Place_50


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