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Skatepark planning

Our business is not just skateparks design and building, but all the work related to the preparation of the whole process of their formation.

If in your area are people who would like to have such an object - contact us via mail or phone. We will help you to prepare a conception, project and to encourage local administration to invest in it.
We can make this project together but first we would need some information like:

- How many people from your area ride on skateboard, rollerblades or BMX?
- Are in your area any skateparks?
- Are in your area any  space where skatepark could be built?

By researching the market and observing new skateparks made by other companies, in many cases we came to conclusion, that they do not fulfill users expectations. The most important for us is cognition of local community needs, kind of discipline they do and what shape and character have existing objects in their area.

Collecting relevant information, we will be able to meet the needs and to avoid any misunderstandings. Thanks to that, we can create great place to ride of which its users, officials or contractors will be proud.


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