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We are engaged in the construction of asphalt, composite and concrete pumptracks.

We offer comprehensive implementation of concrete, composite, polyethylene and asphalt pumptracks. Our pumptracks are an ideal solution for any city, adapting to local needs and preferences of residents. We will be happy to answer all your questions and prepare the necessary documentation.

Polyethylene pumptrack

Modern polyethylene technology significantly increases the resistance of the tracks to weather conditions such as rain, moisture and UV rays. This makes our tracks extremely durable and efficient. The light shades of the material prevent the tracks from overheating on hot days, which increases the comfort of users.

Modular Pumptrack

Designed as an interactive playground for young urban sports enthusiasts, it offers a variety of track shapes and lengths. The modular system makes it easy to adapt the track to users\' skill levels.

North Shore
North Shore are wooden or steel footbridges used to increase the technical difficulty of trails. The elements are most often set up on forest trails but also work well on flat surfaces for learning bike control.

Asphalt/concrete pumptrack

Exceptional design flexibility allows you to create tracks with unique, arbitrary
Universal design suitable for a variety of users such as skaters, rollerbladers, BMXers and scooter riders. Durability of the material guarantees long-lasting use and minimal maintenance.

We ensure that each of our pumptracks is designed for maximum safety and comfort of users, as well as aesthetics of the urban landscape. Write to us at and we will match the track to your needs.

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