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Parkour Park

Parkour Park

As extreme sports enthusiasts as the Techramps Group, we are open to various forms of physical activity. Our knowledge of the needs of both professional athletes and amateurs allows us to create functional and high-quality training equipment also for prakout and streetworkout.

Our Flowparks adventure began in 2011, when we joined forces as Techramps with Pior Reczynśki, a parkourist and engineer. In 2013, we launched the first FlowParks dedicated to street workout and parkour, with the first such facility opened in Lubliniec. Since then, we have been growing, drawing on the experience of our sports-minded team to meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. Our commitment to promoting physical activity has allowed us to become a leader on the Polish market in the design and manufacture of equipment for street workout and parkour.

We offer the FlowPark Standard series , street workout sets ideal for body weight exercises, made of corrosion-resistant steel components. Our FlowParks Line are designed for long, narrow spaces, and the Custom SW series offers custom-designed installations. For parkour enthusiasts, we have the Simple series and 3runCoval, the last designed in collaboration with renowned tracer Krystian Kowalewski. The Larix series combines the aesthetics of larch wood with the strength of steel, and Mobile allows for easy handling and installation of equipment. In addition, we offer innovative ZigZag Boulder climbing walls that allow dynamic reconfiguration for a variety of difficulty levels.

Thanks to the trust of our customers, we continue to create a wide range of FlowParks, supporting sports passions at every level.

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