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Skatepark rental

Skatepark rental

The dozen or so pieces of equipment included in the skatepark allow it to be configured in any way, from a mini skatepark with a few obstacles to an elaborate facility that will meet the needs of skateboarders, skaters and BMXers alike. For a simpler illustration of the types (sizes) of skateparks, we present in pictures its modular nature. 1. mini skatepark - perfect for small skateboarding events. 2. medium skatepark - for medium-sized competitions in all disciplines. 3. large skatepark - for larger events. Info: Tel: 506 000 140 E-mail:

The elements of the mobile skatepark can also include a funbox for jumping. In addition to the mobile skatepark, we also offer the rental of a mobile miniramp. Below are some photos of the miniramp and the new funbox for jumping. The new 10-meter mobile ramp Funbox for jumping for rent

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