Pracuj z nami


About us

We have been skating in many different skateparks - those better and those worse. As a matter of fact skating in those worse ones inspired us to create something that would be really worth  skating. There is nothing better than buiding a really cool skatepark and testing it ourselves. Those are moments worth building these appliances. For a dozen years  or so we have been skateboarding and in-line skating in various skateparks. Due to our experience we are producing the best ramps in Poland.


Using our experience that was gained through many years, we have established a company that deals with producing skateparks. The years of practice are the main cause of our great knowledge in this field. Our team includes people that have been practising these sport disciplines for years (skateboarding, in-line, bmx). That’s why the obstacles are made in a way that fulfills the needs of the most demanding skaters.