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Skatepark in Tychy

We happily announce that latest of ours skatepark designs is completed. It's yet another in group of skateparks built in prestige option, using the special Rampline riding mat. Park consists several large and high elements, so everyone will find a place for them to ride, no matter if they are skaters, inliners or BMX riders. We wish you a lot of fun, many geat rides and some adrenaline when performing tricks on this skatepark.

Address: Jaworek Park, between al. Bielska, ul. Jaśkowicka and ul. Stoczniowców.

Skatepark elements: Platform, Funbox with grindbox, Funbox with grindobox and rail, Quarter pipe, Bank ramp + Wallride, Kicker with rail, Mini ramp, Grindbench, Straight rail.

Skatepark in Tychy from the project... implementation.