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A skatepark is a place for young people. That is why, it must be properly designed to meet the skaters’ demands. Consultations with young people at the design stage are very important because skaters have slightly different preferences than bikers when it comes to skatepark elements. It is the future users who know best which obstacles should a given skatepark include and which sport should dominate there.
The arrangement of elements is equally important. On the one hand, the space between the elements must be sufficient to ensure a smooth ride; on the other hand, some safety zones are required.
Sample skatepark Concrete skatepark with wooden elements Sample skatepark Concrete skatepark with a bowl Concrete skate plaza with a bowl
Techramps is here to help! We will design your skatepark (concept design) for free, according to the available space and budget as well as young users’ demands. We can also assist you during consultations.
Key stages of skatepark development:

1. Location.
2. Surface.
3. Consultations.
4. Young people’s involvement.
5. Design (design guidelines).
6. Budget.
7. Technology.
8. Construction.

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