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The budget, which must be spent on the construction of skatepark is dependent on several factors:
• the size of the square and it is ready if you need to prepare it from scratch,
• the size of the elements
• implementation of technology (wooden or concrete).

If the square is ready (you can adapt an existing children's playground such as unused) to adjust the cost elements of the same obstacles may be in the range 20.000 - 80.000 Euro , taking into account the children's roughly 30m x 12m. In addition, our modular system also allows you to spread out the costs of such for two years and building a skatepark in stages. This way you can build a skate park where their resources and needs of skaters.

However, preparation of the surface from scratch will cost approximately 30.000-50.000 EURO

Skateparki Concrete (poured concrete as a whole - are the best skateparkami as much as the possibility of combining infinite barriers) are far greater costs, usually because the parks are being built with an area exceeding 1000 m2. Thus, the cost of what you spend on a skatepark will cost approximately 130 -250 per 1 m2 of net area., Or 130.000 - 250.000  EUR as a medium sized concrete skatepark. [Difference in price is due to the manner of construction or, for example are designed rim (not needed) or a fence (which is also unnecessary in most cases) or the lighting is (recommended), etc.]

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