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It should be rememberred that consultations are the most important factor that affects the later design and usefullness of the skatepark. It’s so vital, because it’s the young people, who will be using those objects and they are aware what obstacles they want to have in their skatepark. We usually offer a number of versions and the young people chose the most interesting one or change it according to their tastes.

We answer to all questions concerning skate parks - their lay-out , elements choice, and the kind of materials. We’ll help in the choice of the size and type of the skatepark that would be appropriate for your needs and budget. We will project the plan of your skatepark using the graphic computer programmes such as Cad or COREL. We offer those advice and simulations for free with the possibility of introducing some improvements and changes. When the final project of the skate park is ready we will estimate the cost of it, including transport and montage.

If there is such a need we will send to you a qualified worker in order to help young people in projecting the appropriate skatepark - RECOMMENDED.


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