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Woodcamp 2010 - 2nd period

 Company Techramps, like on every period, took part in Camp Wood Camp. 
This time, a team composed of Maciek "Heniek" Heczko, Grzesiek
"Grzesztof" Mountain, Maciek "Johnny" Jakobszy, Tom "Kosiu" Ear and
Przemek "Teddy" Wardęga, appeared at the camp on Tuesday to have
spend this time with campers. The first day passed at the joint 
Running on Wood Plaza and miniramp. 
The official day of Techramps began on Wednesday. Immediately after breakfast on
Skate plaza began Techramps workshops. Campers this time 
could learn how to "settle skatepark in your town,"
talk about the construction and skateparks design, and under the watchful eye
of Grzesztofa build grindbox . In the afternoon, was held the Jam 
on new miniramp in which the best was Jim Gorski, who, despite 
a very young age, surprised everyone not average style and
"A wide range of" tricks. All this was recorded by
Roadkill Produtions (soon to be extensive photo and video report).
Techramps team will visit each of periods of Camp Wood. On 3rd period  
again you can to benefit by advice of professionals, to construct 
another, skateparks obstacle, which, like built on the second 
period skatepark, enrich the Skate palza. This time, additionally,
campers will also be able to participate in professional
skatparks design and ride on the angles of the Polish rider Creature, Vans and independet Stanlejem . 
See you at Camp Wood.