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Skatepark Chorzow - concrete


Skatepark Chorzow - concrete

Adresse: Bohaterow Getta

Execution Option: Concrete

Dimension Platz Skatepark: 660 m2

Surface Skatepark: Concrete

Year: 2016

Elemente eines Skateparks: Bank ramp, Driveway with 2 grinbox and grindrail, Driveway with grindbox and grindrail, Quarter pipe 90˚, Driveway with 3 grinbox and grindrail, Miniquarter, Driveway with stairs, grindrail and 2 grindbox, Bank ramp, Funbox with disaster box and grindrail, Cbox, 2 grindbox and grindrail

skatepark chorzow betonowy