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Types of skateparks

We can distinguish several types of skateparków.
1st Skateparki wood.
2nd Skateparki wood composite.
3rd Skateparki composite.
4th Skateparki concrete - these can be further divided into several types:
a. Parks poured entirely of concrete, respectively formed with handrails, bowlami and walls. The best and most interesting objects of this type. The downside is that they are the most expensive.
b. Skateplazy are parks with concrete walls and handrails. Usually without bowli (pools) and ramps. Projects are typically mapping walls and railings on the streets. By the lack of ramps, and quarterów bowli are less attractive, especially for BMX-ers.
c. Skatespoty are parks or sites for small-scale, developed so that you can ride a skateboard, roller skating, or BMX bikes. This can be for example a small square with a few small obstacles or several obstacles embedded in the existing land use for example the paths set in the park (a good example of such a device is a Grindbox, which set the edge of the lane serves as the seat and as part of the ride - beautifully made and painted out the functions of a modern architectural element.)
5th Skateparki hybrid - that is, for example skateparki mixed elements are composites and some of the concrete.

Please also note the indoor skateparkach (in hall) - they are covered year round objects, usually made of plywood (with larger objects it is advisable to cover the additional driving element 6 mm laminate mat example). Example tents or halls -