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Concrete skateplaza - example no 460910


Concrete skateplaza - example no 460910
Betonowy skatepark - przykład 460910_1
Betonowy skatepark - przykład 460910_2
Betonowy skatepark - przykład 460910_3

Αριθμός καταλόγου: 460910

Τύπος skatepark:
concrete skateplaza enriched with obstacles made the wooden structure

Πρόσθετες πληροφορίες:
+48 790 786 357

Skatepark Περιγραφή:

The main element is a concrete platform with boxes, handrails and stairs. Around There are several smaller elements of concrete and wood-composite miniramp. The platform is composed in a round place, the alleys leading to the site is also designed railing and poll jam. 



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