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Snowpark Red Bull Monstairs in Warsaw


Snowpark Red Bull Monstairs in Warsaw

Year: 2007

Red Bull Monstairs Scores:

1. Hannes Metzler / Austria
2. Tyler Chorlton / Wielka Brytania
3. Manuel Bernert / Austria

Wild cards:

1. Tomas Hrnciar / Słowacja
2. Matews Petek / Słowenia
3. Mario Visnap / Estonia
4. Lubomir Zelenay / Słowacja
5. Roman Dlauhy / Czechy
6. Paweł Cichocki / Polska

RED BULL MONSTAIRS - the biggest snowboard urban event in Europe and one of the biggests on the Earth. First organized on that scale in Poland!!! APRIL 2005 - Warsaw. Total pool of rewards will be 15 000 Euro.
RED BULL MONSTAIRS. Track - at total area of 800m2 - will be containing two parts: ski jump (big air), rails and boxes. entrance for ski jump will be 17m long and it's step 5m high; jibbing part is three lines of rails and boxes with different dimmensions and settings.