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Skateplaza w Torzymiu


Skateplaza w Torzymiu

Adresa: ul. Reymonta

Prevedenie voľby: concrete

Rozmer štvorec skatepark: 35 x 15 m

Povrch skatepark: concrete

Year: 2011

Prvky skatepark: Quoter, Platform with Grindboxes, Pole Jam, Rail, Manual with Kicker, Grindbox, Grindbox-stairs, Grindbenches,


At miniplaza there are elements made by us in new concrete technology. Obstacles are made of prefabricated concrete elements which allows very fast installation practically on every square. For the curiosity - concrete obstacles can also be made in the technology of poured concrete, this is more laborious but it gives the possibility to create more complex elements, and skateparks. As an example of such park is just ended skateplaza in Krakow.



Visualization shows the real appearance of the park a month before delivery obstacles.



Animation - presentation of skateplaza in Torzym