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Elementi degli skatepark

  • Banks and Quarters

    Banks and Quarters

    Banks and quarterpipes are used to gain speed for middle obstacles of the skate park (funboxes, grindboxes, rails); they also are used as elements for different types of maneuvers. Those...

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  • Funboxes


    A funbox is the heart of every skate park. It can be fitted with more or less additions such as slopes, rails, take-offs, grindboxes or stairs. It can be developed randomly, which allows...

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  • Grindboxes and Rails

    Grindboxes and Rails

    Grindboxes are used for fun and learning of new tricks. They should be found in every skate park, both a small and a big one. Grindboxes could be free-standing or are used as diversity o...

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  • Miniramps


    A miniramp is an element used for fun and learning of new tricks. The difference between a miniramp and a standard big ramp is that the radius of a miniramp never reaches the vertical, s...

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