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Sample concrete skatepark no 010510


Sample concrete skatepark no 010510
Betonowy skatepark z bowlem
Betonowy skatepark z poolem
Betonowy skatepark z bowlem

Katalogové číslo: 010510

Minimální plocha: 28m x 44 m above 130

Cenové rozpětí: 237-338 k €

Typ skatepark:
Concrete skatepark enriched with obstacles made from plywood

Další informace:
tel. +48 12 393 43 07

Popis skatepark:

The main element is the bowl, also skatepark has a street section which includes, among others stairs, rails, manualpads. Complementing the park are the wooden obstacles miniramp an pyramid. It was designed for users with varying degrees of sophistication. Total blended into the environment is an ideal component of a modern sports complex.