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Skateplaza in Krakow


Skateplaza in Krakow

Adresa: ul. Wawelska

Provedení volby: concrete

Povrch skatepark: Concrete





The investment structure of skateplaza in Krakow Mistrzejowice was ended.


Official opening of the facility will be held for three weeks after a final validate document.


 foto: Łukasz Hospod


Unofficially - we saw that we all people ride and concrete is "mature" :)




Here are some photos from the construction of Skateplaza in Krakow - work end in a few days longer - about 15-20 - November -2011




Visualization skatepark in Krakow.





Video - presentation of skateplaza



Skateplaza- skatepark Kraków Mistrzejowice - soon from Techramps on Vimeo.