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Skatepark in Sroda Wielkopolska


Skatepark in Sroda Wielkopolska

Adresa: ul. Sportowa

Provedení volby: Standard

Rozměr čtverec skatepark: 31m x 18m.

Povrch skatepark: concrete

Year: 2010

Prvky skatepark: Platform with miniramp, Bank with quarter and rollin, Funbox with pyramid, Jumpbox with miniquarter.

We present images of skatepark in Sroda Wielkopolska. Skatepark from one side provides an extensive platform with miniramp and two driveways, which are with grindboxes. In the middle is a diversified funbox with pyramid and separately the jumpbox with miniquarter. On the other side there is wide Bank ramp for getting speed, which also contains a small quarter, rollin and grindbox.