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Skatepark in Krakow - Park Jordana


Skatepark in Krakow - Park Jordana
On June 6th, 2008 we finished installing of the brand new skatepark in Park Jordana in Krakow. The spot will deffinitely improve Park's recreational offer for youths, giving them yet another place to enjoy their free time. On the field of 13x28 m. we placed several, not big, but interesting elements. Skatepark is built in Prestige option, which uses the Rampline mat  - ideal for the riding surface on elements designed for skateboard, in-line and BMX's. Below you can see how the skateparks looks, and check the list of elements used.

Address: Al. 3 Maja (Park Jordana).

Elements: Grind Bank, Grindbox, Pyramid, 2 x Grindbench, Manual box, Grindbox, Straight Rail.

Skatepark Park Jordana - project