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Burn Skateboarding Day


Burn Skateboarding Day

Provedení volby: Standard

Rozměr čtverec skatepark: any

Year: 2011

Prvky skatepark: Grindbox 2 x, rurka TR i Funbox for jumping

Burn Skateboarding Day

Commissioned by Burn Energy Drink we made three sets of obstacles for the three cities in Poland. Obstacles will be given on the occasion of International Day of Skateboarding  (21st June 2011). The obstacles will be taking care by the local skateshops.

Happy town that got obstacles are:

1. Poznan - Skateshop  Missions at Obodrzycka 61 Str

2. Wroclaw - Skateshop Parlament at Szczytnicka 28 Str

3. Cracow - Skateshop Underground at Floriańska 13 Str


Photo gallery from Cracow:






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