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Minirampa 45st


Minirampa 45st
Minirampa 45st
Minirampa 45st przekrój
Minirampa 45st rzut
Minirampa 45st real

Katalógové číslo: M6/L


Ďalšie informácie:
tel. 012 393 43 07
mob. 510 200 071

Popis zariadenia:

The difference between a miniramp and a standard big ramp is that the radius of a miniramp never reaches the vertical, so that both beginner and advance competitors can ride on it. It is an element for skateboarders, rollerbladers and BMX riders.
A well developed and diverse miniramp, due to its versatility can sometimes replace a small skate park. Another advantage of a miniramp is the fact, that there is no need to put a specially prepared surface under that element (e.g. it is not necessary to cover the ground with asphalt). A miniramp can be placed literally anywhere - all you need is a sufficiently big flat ground.


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