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2x Quarter pipe 90deg


2x Quarter pipe 90deg
2x Quarter pipe 90st
2x Quarter pipe 90st przekrój
2x Quarter pipe 90st rzut
2x Quarter pipe 90st real

Número de catálogo: BQ8/L


Zona de seguridad:

Otras dimensiones de la:

Información adicional:
tel. 012 393 43 07
mob. 510 200 071

Descripción del dispositivo:

Banks and quarterpipes are used to gain speed for middle obstacles of the skate park (funboxes, grindboxes, rails); they also are used as elements for different types of maneuvers. Those elements can be connected to create a wall. Additionally rails, grindboxes and stairs can be added, thanks to which the skate park becomes a much more interesting place. Banks and quarterpipes can also be used as components of platforms.

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