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Snowpark Priv - Oskar


Snowpark Priv - Oskar

Skatepark surface: Snow + igielit

Skatepark elements: Tbox, Drop, Quoter,

A few days ago we completed the construction of a small snow park in a private home garden.

The park includes Tbox, Drop, and 120 cm Quoter. All interested for ride  please contact Oscar.

Soon pictures from the official opening.


SnowPark_private_Oskar_1 SnowPark_private_Oskar_2 SnowPark_provate_Oskar_3 SnowPark_private_Oskar_4 SnowPark_private_Oskar_6 Oskar -SnowPark_private_Oskar_5 SnowPark_provate_Oskar_7 SnowPark_provate_Oskar_8 SnowPark_private_Oskar_9 SnowPark_private_Oskar_14